Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Sun = Bad For Writing

The Sun, the ultimate distraction from writing and along with cake is a weakness of mine. Here in the UK we have been lucky enough to actually have a sunny weekend, which has meant we have spent every waking sunny moment in the garden and taking the laptop with me just was not practical, it was melting in the heat and I could barely see the screen to type it was so bright, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!! The thing is when the weather is nice you have to take advantage of it because as we all know British weather is notoriously unpredictable and within a matter of an hour it could well be raining or hailing again.
It is quite amusing because it seems every British citizen has the same idea about the weather because without fail the first sign of any heat/sun people are out in there board shorts, yep even me, the problem with this is my legs haven’t seen any sunlight for around nine months of the year so wondering around in shorts means you better be wearing your shades if you’re anywhere near me because that bright sun is going to reflect straight off them and blind you!!!! Then you get the people who flock to the nearest beach, now unfortunately if you live in the area of the UK I do, then the term beach is used very loosely, to me when someone says I’m going to the beach it conjures images of golden sands, beautiful sunshine, warm, clear water you can swim in and still see the bottom when its 20 foot deep. Not around here, firstly what should be a forty minute drive turns into four hours as the entire county flocks to the coast on a day like today and clear water, forget it, your feet go missing underneath a sheet of murky dark brown after 20cm never mind 20 feet and that beautiful coastal sea air, replace that with a strong smell of gone off fish and sewage and you have our closest beach, so the garden it was for two days of bliss!!!

Naturally my new found time management skills went out the window, in fact Saturday pretty much looked like this: 7am Got Up, 7:45am took the better half too work, 8:15am Came home did the housework, 10am went to see Sis, 11am went to Bro’s house, 12pm picked up better half, 12:15 got home cracked open a box of 24 bud and went out into the garden to read the paper and there we stayed until, 3pm Decided to wash the dog (In the Garden!!), 8pm Came in from the garden feeling frazzled!!!! Sunday repeat minus the dog washing!! So as you can see the Garden has become my new best friend.
We were discussing today (In the garden) how it’s strange that when it’s hot and sunny we’re quite happy to sit in the garden doing absolutely nothing for hours at a time but if it was raining or not as warm there’s no way you would sit and do nothing for hours, I know I wouldn’t, I blame the Sun, The Sun changes everything!!!!!

It is only now past 8 O’clock at night again and only a matter of hours before the Monday Morning Blues kick in that I have kicked myself into gear to write something this weekend!!!

Monday, 14 May 2012

A 5K Run For The "C" Word

Well I did it people, I participated in The Race For Life 5k charity run at Burleigh House in Stamford and I was so not prepared for it. I was certainly not prepared for it Physically, I manged four weeks worth of training in January, sat on my ass in February, managed a week in March and April and doubled my body weight in the first two weeks in May, yep I managed to put on more weight for the Run but it didn’t matter nobody cared how fit you are, whether you ran, jogged or walked we were all there to take part in something so overwhelming I can say in all honesty I was certainly not prepared for it mentally and emotionally. Thousands of women from across the county all brought toghther by one cause because everyone had in some way been touched by Cancer. That’s right the big ‘C’ word, everyone thinks it, everyone worries about it but nobody dares talk about it because if you ignore it maybe it’ll go away, maybe it’s not happening to you or your family member or your friend or your friends family member but it IS very real. An announcement was made that a lady particpating today had just had the all clear on Friday, this sent goosebumps running down my spine and tears well up in my eyes, I don’t know this lady but I felt so happy for her good news I wished I could find her and give her a hug, instead I participated in the run to show my support.

The course itself was a test of indurance the ground uneven, windy and hilly but it wasn’t about who finished first, who was in the running, jogging or walking group people laughed and people cried there way around and it was the most fun and the most eye opening experience I think I’ve had, 3000 women, a sea of pink to beat Cancer.

For all you UK guys I would urge you to find your nearest Race For Life event today and sign up, it’s the best thing you will ever do.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Will The Hard Work Pay Off?

I’ve had the most amazing reaction to The Break since we went live on Thursday, so Thank You very much for all your support and to those who have purchased a copy on Paperback and on eBook/Kindle and if you still haven’t got a copy go check out where you can acquire one here!!
So you’d think with all the hard work that goes into writing and self publishing a book by the time it goes Live you can just kick back, relax with a nice bottle of Bordeaux maybe treat yourself and order some Chinese food, go on holiday etc etc. Let me set the record straight, NO, NO You Can’t!! There’s still publicity to consider, how’s a girl meant to get a fantasy fictional novel exposure?? I guess we have several options here, local press, national press, flyers, posters, give aways, selling your soul the usual sort of stuff really!! But how do you stand out from the crowd? When do you begin to become too pushy, when you’ve set up your tent outside a major national newspaper and refuse to move until they’ve read your book and published a five star review (Now there’s a thought)!! Or do you simply give it some time let the work gather it’s own momentum and see where it takes you?? If you do this how long should you leave it before you start making more of an effort a week, a month, six months?
Truthfully, I think the answer to all of the above questions is, nobody knows what’s best, you’ve just got to do what’s right for you. As you know I made up press release packs which were sent with an advanced readers copy of the book to various places but ultimately it’s down to them if they decided to run it, or part of it or none of it, you can’t control that decision making process all you can do is put your work out there and get it on the map and find a way of doing that which suits you. I’d love every follower to Retweet the links to my Blogs (Hint!!!) But again ultimately that decision belongs to them I have no control over that, which is fine because this is all one big learning curve and I will find a way to get that exposure but I would just like to share to anybody who thinks you can put your book out there and your contribution stops guess again, the hard work well never stop now you’ve started that ball rolling, it’s keep the ball rolling that’s going to cause blood, sweat and tears.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

THE BREAK (debut novel by Kerry A Stanley)

Hello there fellow Blog readers! Today is the day, the release of my first fictional novel The Break, if you haven’t been a part of the journey and had the pleasure of my ramblings for the last three months then it’s a little project I’ve been working on for nearly two years, a project I decided to self publish in the end. A project which involved not only the writing of the story but the cover design, the proof reading, the editing, the formatting of both the paperback and eBook (nightmare!!), the promotion, the trailer (now loving this concept!) and loads of other little things that go on behind the scenes, all of which I can say with absolute certainty if I had traditionally published I would’ve took for granted! I’ve learned what works best and certainly what not to do in the future and yes there will be more in the future, I’m already working on a second project!!
So I guess all that’s left to say is Thank You to guys for all your support and please follow the following link which will tell you all you need to know about where to buy a copy of The Break
Oh and please feel free to retweet/reblog/like on facebook etc to spread the word!!!!

For a limited time you can get the eBook for only 99p here

Monday, 16 April 2012

Almost there

  I’m back!! I know I’ve been a little quiet this week but we all know by now things are not as simple as you think they are, for example the mere act of switching on your Laptop. Dead easy right? Wrong! yesterday morning it decides it will not be turning on at all. So after frantically trying every which way imaginable to push a bloody button I’m about to attack the thing with a screwdriver when the better half sensibly suggests taking it to the repair centre at PC World. Now I hate these types of places because it’s quite apparent that they were only ever invented for one reason and it wasn’t to be genuinely helpful, it’s to rip you off! and suddenly I wish I’d chosen a career in computer technology but I know the mad scientist is right and 12 years of catering experience and 4 years of customer service is not going to fix the problem and the problem is a little more serious than the computer isn’t working, for one I’m trying to release a book, due out in just 4 Days not to mention I’ve already started work on my second project but luckily I backed up on Friday. The mad scientist however has not backed up for weeks so all of the other halves mad scientist projects are now in danger of being lost forever by some spotty 12 year old who enjoys bombarding you with technical jargon about how he made the situation worse not better! So against my better judgement we actually have no other choice because neither of us knows anything about computers!! We take the computer along and I’m not disappointed, guy who chats loads of Jargon at you, check, extortionate amount of money just to look at it and establish what the problem actually is, check, what we didn’t expect was in order to establish what the problem actually is they have to send it away for two and a half weeks, WHAT? I have a book out in 4 DAYS, two and a half weeks is not an option but it has to be we have no other alternative so we agreed, filled in the paper work paid the up front extortionate amount needed to discover the problem and now need to wait to see how much the actual problem will cost. Now we’re in a state of panic; book, mad scientist work, mortgage stuff for new house, photos, our lives revolve around our computer (On reflection this thought saddens me!) we need a back up plan! Well, as we were already stood in the middle of the computer store it wouldn’t hurt to browse, after all we were planning to get a whole new system once we moved!! In the end we decided we’d wait for that and instead purchased a cute little Notebook from which I now type! The excitement doesn’t end there, we came home to start sorting out the stuff we stored in the shed ready for the big move again this sounds simple?? Not for me, firstly we discover the start of a wasps nest forming in the ceiling of the shed, have you ever tried lifting heavy boxes in the tiniest shed in the universe whilst trying to avoid a wasps nest??? Let me tell you, don’t even try!! I have to say I managed one but only because after shifting that I uncovered something much worse, a family of spiders, not just any spiders, big, thick, fast ones, I swear daddy spider was as big as my hand and at one point he got on his mobile “Get ready kids scared human at 12 O’Clock”! I couldn’t go within ten feet of that shed after that, over come with irrational fear that made my legs tremble and sweat drip down my face (I’m such a wuss) after that I need to chill out before venturing over to my friends wedding reception, where she looked absolutely beautiful bless her.
So after a crazy Saturday I can finally sit down chill out and to let you guys know 4 DAYS TO GO until the release of The Break!!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Aren't Bank Holidays Meant To Be Fun!!??

So The Easter Holidays are here! And for me it means my first full week off work since Christmas and it was supposed to be a nice happy relaxing week. It’s only a matter of Weeks until the release of The Break (OMG I’m releasing a Book!) and we were going to go furniture shopping ready to move in to our house but NO, that will not be the plan because the Hell Hounds (see Decisions, Decisions) called up on Tuesday to advise the seller is pulling out, so our Good Friday will not be Good at all and I will now be re-naming it Stressful Mad House Hunting Friday (OR SMHH) from here on in!! Yet as we are a firm believe of everything happens for a reason, I can’t really stay too angry about it (I think I’m trying to convince myself of this more than you guys!!!!)
On the plus side this whole experience has been great for my new little writing venture! I guess drawing on real life experience really does help, especially with the writers block, it’s not so much the experience or situation itself it’s more the emotions and reactions the situation provokes in people. Let’s take the Hell Hounds for example, they’re in a difficult situation by having to tell the buyers (Us) that the seller (Evil Wicked Witch) is pulling out but what do they do? they fill you full of complete and blatantly obvious BS which they have been doing now for two whole weeks. One of my Villains is now based on said Hell Hound for his blatant lack of respect and arrogance. Maybe my next writing project should be a “How not to get screwed over by estate agents whilst buying your first home”!!!
Anyway with all the house drama aside it’s still going to be pretty cool to have some decent time to sit and write and work on my new project whilst I’m waiting for The Break to go live across all formats so in the end the stress is always replaced with excitement!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Are You In My Book

So a little vexed I’m completely without internet at the moment, especially as it’s now only a matter of weeks until the release of The Break. But I’m here now and I have a question. What are the rules on developing a character based on someone you know? Is it insulting? Flattering? Is it a big No, No? I only ask because admittedly I managed to write The Break with completely original characters and I can honestly say not one person resembles anyone I know, not consciously anyway!!!! But as I start to contemplate my next project, I’ve started to realise that without knowing it, one of the new characters have developed a personality similar to about three different people I know, seriously if they were one person they would be my new character!! Is this wrong?

When you take a writing course (which I did for a day about ten years ago, hated it, waste of time, a day of my life I’ll never get back!!) or something you’re told to write what you know, to draw on your own experiences for inspiration. Firstly unless your life is REALLY exciting, where is the fun in that? And secondly does that go for people? I guess it would depend on the context of the characters within the narrative or if it’s quite obvious who this person is meant to be and you’ve made them the bad guy!! The thing is now I’ve started writing this person, I can’t help myself but compare, I’ll get to a point where the character would need to make a decision and I’ve started to think “What would ????? do?” it is making for far more interesting decision making I must admit and I am finding it kind of fun but I don’t want to go down this route if it’s going to get me in trouble. Maybe I’ll have a word with ????? and just say look I’m basing this character on you, but I don’t think you’re going to like it!!!!! Or maybe I’ll just do it and deny all knowledge when ???? says to me one day “Am I in your book?” Also is it really wrong that the idea makes me grin slyly to myself!!!
Well I’m sure I’ll figure it out but if you guys have had similar incidents with the same dilemma I’d love to hear about them!!